Specialist Physician /Gastroenteroligist MBCHB (Zambia)MRCP (UK) Ph.d(Edin) FRCP(Edin

The gastric balloon procedure (endoscopic intragastric balloon) leaves an inflated silicon balloon in the stomach for 6 months, making less room for food. As a result, patients:

  • Feel full sooner while eating and therefore eat less
  • Lose about 30% of their excess weight in 6 months
  • Have health improvement for diabetes, joint/bone disease, and heart-related issues

We all know losing weight is hard work and requires a lot of determination. The balloon is only an aid in losing weight, but if one does not adhere to a sensible diet and exercise program, it will not have much benefit. We have a team approach to the weight loss. You will be working closely with our nutritionist, and later on our fitness expert.

We have regular group sessions, where any problems, difficulties and good experiences can be discussed. You will require a medical work-up before the procedure can be considered. It might be necessary to consult a psychologist if there are emotional issues contributing to any over-eating