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Transoral Gastric Outlet Reduction (TORE)

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Patients who regain weight after their initial gastric bypass now have options!

We now offer the safe and effective endoscopic outlet repair procedure to help you return to your original post-gastric bypass proportions. Our experienced staff of health professionals understands the lifestyle changes thatcome with any type of weight loss surgery procedure. Our program includes thorough and ongoing nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle support.Transoral gastric outlet reduction is a minimally invasive procedure that can help patients who regain weight after gastric bypass surgery.

What to Expect

  • board-certified surgeon skilled in gastric bypass surgery and endoscopic outlet repair procedures.
  • Work with a bariatric nurse specialist who coordinates their ongoing plan of care
  • Work closely with a dietitian experienced in the nutritional needs of people undergoing weight loss surgery.
  • Receive psycho-emotional counseling as necessary before or after the surgical procedure
  • Receive intensive education, as well as individual and group suppor